Karakaya at a Glance


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A dream  location for both Yoga Holidays and Trainings… Yogis such as Deniz Bagan of Yogatime, Yolyasam Studio & Dide Celen Yamok run retreats at Karakaya that explore Yin, Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini, and more. A highlight this year is Zeynep Aksoy & David Cornwell of Advayta Yoga sharing their unique fusion of Breathing Mind & Yin Yoga.


You know that your body is a whole universe within itself abounding with life? Establish a new body-mind narrative spring, summer or fall, with Feride Gursoy’s outstanding expertise on healing diets, nutrition & preventative medicine alongside yoga, breath work, health constellations & shamanic trance. New for 2017 is Ulli’s Ayurvedic Detox combined with an Osho No-Mind retreat.


Karakaya’s founders have a long relationship with the teachings and Active Meditations of Osho, and gathering this community here is a real pleasure for us. These dynamic approaches include Life Training with Meera & Svagito, Osho Diamond Breath with Tuvana Sarasai, and a No-Mind Mediation retreat combined with Ulli’s Ayurvedic Detox in May.


Discover invisible bonds and the true source of love in your constellation with this deep energy work founded by Bert Hellinger 50 years ago. Both workshops and trainings in Systemic Family Constellation are dear to Karakaya’s heart, and both Feride Gursoy & Svagito Liebermeister are regular visitors facilitating these retreats.


Sisters unite in heart through a unique fusion of sacred dance, ceremony, celebration and tantric techniques for women; the mesmerising Monika Nataraj (Omega Institute) is facilitating a 4-day Women’s Mystical dance & Tantric Yoga workshop and a 6-day Training at Karakaya Retreat in August. Come as you are!


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Our well-loved and much-anticipated festivals balance meditation & healing arts with music & dancing, and 2017 looks forward to more! The Breath Festival with Giten, Svagito and friends takes place in September, and in August, Karakaya Retreat host Turkey’s first Yinside Yoga event.