The café-restaurant and busy kitchen have become the irresistible heart of Karakaya Retreat; a meeting place, a space to be alone, to stare into space, read, dance, nap, or soak up the sun. The view from here is expansive; half full with the lush green of the valley and rugged Black Mountain, and half with the vast stretch of sky above the glittering and mythic Aegean Sea beyond. But first, we eat!

The vegetarian menus are no less inspiring than the view, and Melania, Selma and Cigdem – each with a true love and unique heritage of food – create feast after feast of wholesome, delicious, and imaginative dishes, to nourish body and mind. Experience a fusion of Turkish Aegean kitchen, Raw and Vegan delicacies and staples, Mediterranean-Spanish traditions, and other secret culinary legacies, and return here to find new recipes from the Karakaya Kitchen regularly!

Recipes from Karakaya Retreat Kitchen